Expertise, many years of experience and state-of-the-art specialised equipment makes us competent in the following areas of grouting technology:​

Rock grouting

  • Curtain and contact grouting in the construction of dams
  • Grout sealing to prevent water inflow in tunnel and shaft construction
  • Stabilisation and sealing of fault zones in the rock mass

Grouting loose rock

  • Soft gel base for horizontal sealing of excavations in groundwater
  • Stabilisation grouting to increase the load bearing capacity of the subsoil
  • Compaction grouting to increase the load bearing capacity of the subsoil

Special applications

  • Contact grouting of the space between the concrete inner shell of pressurised water tunnels and rock
  • Passive prestressing of concrete inner shells in the pressurised water tunnels of hydroelectric power stations
  • Investigation of water permeability in rock (Lugeon test)
  • Chemical grouting

Resin- or Cement injection against moisture and pressure water

  • Field injection, compartment injection in connection with waterproof lining
  • Crack injection according to German technical rule ZTV-Riss
  • Grout curtains
  • Cement injection
  • Contact grouting
  • All kind of injection by use of Acrylic Gel or PU-resins for wa­ter­proo­fing of underground structures (s.a. tunnels, caverns shafts etc) also in connection with membrane sealing systems.

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