Lovstakken - full speed ahead

The 90 million EUR project includes the construction of two tunnels and two caverns serving as underground tram depots. Currently the teams are excavating the two main tunnels, the caverns and the access tunnel to the depots. At the same time, concreting work is being carried out on the west portal (Fyllingsdalen). The project is expected to last until February 2022.

Six different workplaces at the same time

The main tunnel, the safety tunnel, the two underground depots including the access and one portal are all under construction at the same time.

The Marti teams in Bergen excavated a tunnel with a length of about 950m within the first months. Approximately 66'000 m3 of excavated material has been removed from the tunnels. Due to water leakage about 1'300 t of cement had to be injected. The formwork at the 70 m long cut&cover tunnel at the portal Fyllingsdalen is moving ahead as planned.

The two 2'900 m long tunnels and the two caverns with a cross-section of 130 m2 each are excavated by drill and blast method. In total, the tunnel builders will remove approximately 500'000 m3 of material.


The new tunnel connects the suburbs of Fyllingsdalen to the city center. One tube serves as a tram connection for the Bybanen tram line and the second tube, the safety tunnel, serves as a footpath and cycle path. The two caverns will be used as underground tram depots.

With its length of 2'900 m the tunnel will be the longest bike/pedestrian tunnel in Europe and the second longest worldwide.

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